Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. Releases the RTS-3ZC Integrating Sphere Accessory

Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. Releases the RTS-3ZC Integrating Sphere Accessory
March 13, 2006

Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD), the world leader in field portable spectroradiometers announces the release of the new RTS-3ZC Integrating Sphere accessory —a specially designed integrating sphere for use with the ASD FieldSpec® spectroradiometers for accurate reflectance or transmittance measurement of diffuse or scattering materials such as those found in many optical remote sensing, oceanography, forestry and plant physiology applications.

Radiation balance and plant canopy modeling studies often require measurement of hemispherical reflectance and transmittance values of real world samples. The integrating sphere is ideally suited for these measurements because it collects all the radiation reflected from, or transmitted through, a sample. With an external integrating sphere (sample is external to the sphere) the sphere collects reflected light from a sample, or light transmitted through a sample, and spreads the energy over the entire surface area of the sphere in a very even distribution. A detector then responds to a portion of the sphere wall energy to derive a meaningful value about the average hemispherical reflectance of the sample.

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Founded in 1990, Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures cost-effective, precision, transportable and field-portable, laboratory-quality Vis/NIR spectrometers, spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and corresponding software and accessories. ASD’s instruments perform well in a range of environmental conditions, in and outside the laboratory, and have applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, analytical chemistry, mining, grain, food and dairy, remote sensing, pulp and paper industries world-wide.

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