Light at the End of the Mine

Light at the End of the Mine
November 09, 2008

Mineral exploration made more efficient with ASD’s NIR spectroscopy

The world’s latest and most significant advances in mining and mineralogy will be showcased at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention in Toronto March 4 – 7.  Among the advances in the industry is TerraSpec®, a state of the art portable mineral spectrometer by Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD).

“Looking for minerals that indicate a potential deposit is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack,” said ASD’s CEO, Dave Rzasa.  “As geologists and mining professionals look for ways to make their industry more efficient, they’re finding that NIR (near-infrared) technology like TerraSpec can give them a view into the earth that not only simplifies the mineral exploration process, but takes the industry to an all new level. Our spectrometers enable real-time readings, while in the field, of mineral formations that can be used to discover viable deposits quickly and economically, a capability which is invaluable to the industry.” 

The TerraSpec mineral analyzer is a high-resolution, wide-wavelength spectrometer that uses NIR reflectance to measure spectral signatures and determine the materials and minerals present in a particular section of earth. It allows for rapid, non-contact, non-destructive sampling of materials in a cost effective, easy-to-implement platform, offering a practical alternative to time-consuming and costly wet-chemical and chromatographic techniques.

“Providing cutting-edge technology and applications is the core of ASD’s philosophy, but we are much more than just an instrumentation company. By forming strategic alliances, such as the partnership we have with Spectral International, we give our customers a value-ad they can’t get with other spectroscopy companies,” said Michael Lands, Director of Business Development for ASD. “These partnerships reach the heart of the industry’s needs to provide the most effective solutions possible for our customers.”

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