ASD Inc. Materials Measurement Solutions Expands Into South American Industries

ASD Inc. Materials Measurement Solutions Expands Into South American Industries
September 19, 2012

Two Scientific Instrumentation Resellers, Centex and Soltex, Join ASD Reseller Team Representing Peru, Bolivia and Chile

BOULDER, Colo. – Sept. 19, 2012 – ASD Inc., the global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and material analysis solutions, today announced it is expanding its reseller partnership team with the addition of two resellers in the countries of Chile, Bolivia and Peru. Lima-based Centex Instrumentacion y Equipos S.A.C., representing Peru and Bolivia, and Santiago-based Soltex Chile S.A. join the ASD reseller team. These partnerships further ASD’s market penetration in South America with sales of the company’s industrial- and mining-focused instrumentation solutions utilizing near-infrared spectroscopy.

“South American industries continue to grow quickly. Welcoming both Centex and Soltex to the ASD team provides exploration outfits, mining operators in Peru and Bolivia, as well as industrial companies in Chile with critical instrumentation solutions. Through resellers like Centex and Soltex, we help customers more quickly perform important material measurements to ultimately provide the information necessary to improve profitability in production,” said Michael Lands, vice president of sales and marketing at ASD. “Our rapidly expanding, worldwide presence relies on our network of experienced reseller partners to fuel our growth in key industries like mining.”

Both companies join ASD’s reseller network to support the TerraSpec 4 and QualitySpec 7000 lines of instruments, which employ rapid and non-destructive mineral analysis. Soltex will also distribute the LabSpec 4 lab analyzer line as part of their expanded industrial focus. Both companies’ local industry knowledge and expanded line of complementary instrumentation will make them an asset to local companies in Peru and Chile.

The trusted, proven TerraSpec 4 line of mineral analyzers is used extensively by exploration mineralogists and mining operations around the world. Portable and fast, this is the go-to instrument in mineral exploration. In mining production, the TerraSpec mineral analyzer is used for non-destructive identification of critical indicator minerals, problem gangue minerals such as swelling clays, and quantifies other important metallurgical properties. The rapid analysis capabilities of the instrument allows for characterizing hundreds of mineralogical samples per day.

The QualitySpec 7000 system provides continuous measurement of complex ore bodies transported on a conveyor belt. A single, non-contact scan provides actionable data on multiple constituents.

The LabSpec 4 line of laboratory instruments support the most advanced and diverse materials analysis applications. The line features state-of-the-art optical design, providing a fast and precise speed of analysis while yielding the best possible analytical results on a wide range of materials, including solids, powders and liquids.

“By partnering with ASD, we will be actively involved with mining and industrial projects from the beginning and won’t have to wait for a site to be complete before we start working with the customer,” said Pablo Guerra, general manager of of Soltex Chile S.A. “Now, we will be involved in the entire process, which is a great opportunity for Soltex.”

“We’ve been providing x-ray solutions and high performance laboratory equipment to the mining industry in Peru and Bolivia for several years,” said Gino Calamo, sales manager for Centex Instrumentacion y Equipos SAC. “The addition of near infrared spectroscopy instrumentation is providing our customers with expanded business solutions that will help them increase mining yields.”

About Centex
Based in Lima, Peru, Centex was founded in 1990 and is owned by Walsh Peru, a subsidiary of Walsh Environmental based in Boulder, CO. Centex’s focus is in three business segments, including: air quality monitoring, emission control and safety instruments, instrumentation for industrial and analytical laboratories, and EPC contracting for laboratory construction.

About Soltex
Founded in 1986, Soltex supplies highly reliable equipment and proven solutions for the fluid handling, automation and process control industries. The company distributes and represents products from prestigious manufacturers that hold leadership positions in diverse market segments. Soltex’s experience allows them to provide the synergy of different engineering disciplines combined with the latest proven technologies used
in the market place.

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