ASD Releases TerraSpec 4 Mineral Analyzers for Mining Optimization and Faster Field Exploration

ASD Releases TerraSpec 4 Mineral Analyzers for Mining Optimization and Faster Field Exploration
January 17, 2012

More accurate mineral assessments in a fraction of the time

BOULDER, Colo. – Jan. 17, 2012 – ASD Inc., a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions, announced today the release of the TerraSpec 4 line of portable mineral analyzers for optimization of mining production and faster mineral exploration.

A long-time mainstay of the mining industry, the new rugged, portable TerraSpec 4 line includes a twofold improvement in spectrum quality in the most important wavelengths for mineral analysis, plus more rapid data collection. The TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res spectrometer for mineral exploration has a 6 nm resolution, while the Standard-Res, at 10 nm resolution, is well suited for ore analysis in mining production.

“The improved technology in the new TerraSpec line of mineral analyzers helps mineral exploration experts to more quickly map new deposits, and mining production organizations to better optimize their ore analysis, which aids in maximizing metal recovery and mine longevity,” said Dr. Brian Curtiss, CTO of ASD. “Within the mining industry, the new TerraSpec line will continue to be the de facto standard technology for rapid, precise mineralogical analysis.”

Using near infrared technology, the newest TerraSpec mineral analyzers produce cleaner, higher quality spectra. This increased spectrum clarity in the SWIR region (1001-2500 nm) more precisely identifies critical indicator minerals, problem gangue minerals such as swelling clays, and quantifies other important metallurgical properties. Users also enjoy better resolution of samples with darker minerals, something that has historically been difficult with reflectance-based measurement technology.

Leading mine operators and exploration geologists around the world have trusted ASD’s TerraSpec spectrometers for more than a decade. They have embraced the rugged TerraSpec mining technology for repeatable, real-time, non-destructive mineral and ore analysis measurements.

ASD TerraSpec Standard-Res Mineral Analyzer for Optimizing Mining Production

Mine optimization is a top-line priority for mining operators. The TerraSpec Standard-Res mineral analyzer, suitable for the lab or field, provides increased performance in spectral response for clean, precise spectral data on total clays, swelling clays such as smectites, acid-consuming minerals, and other problem gangue minerals. In addition to mineral analysis, the TerraSpec provides rapid analysis of ore metallurgical properties such as acid consumption and various hardness parameters. Operators can use this data to aid in optimizing mining production processes. The enhanced feature recognition helps lab technicians provide high-throughput sample analysis with even more sample clarity, and less interpretation. Typical applications for this instrument include heap leach optimization, ore sorting, agglomeration optimization, and flotation ore feed control.

ASD TerraSpec Hi-Res Mineral Spectrometer for More Efficient Mining Exploration

The TerraSec Hi-Res mineral analyzer allows researchers to move through exploration sites more quickly, and with more spectral clarity and definition. These improvements allow for immediate, more accurate mineral identification, including low abundance and low reflectance minerals, so exploration geologists can more quickly determine a site’s economic viability. A ruggedized fiber optic cable, optional backpack, and expanded short-range wireless connectivity extend the user’s mobility in the field.

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