High-Performance Analytical Instrumentation Developer ASD Announces AusSpec International Partnership to Distribute Mineral Analysis Software

High-Performance Analytical Instrumentation Developer ASD Announces AusSpec International Partnership to Distribute Mineral Analysis Software
February 27, 2012

The Spectral Geologist Pro Geologic Software Offers Industry’s Most Customizable Visual Presentation of Complex Data Collected By TerraSpec 4 Mineral Analyzer

BOULDER, Colo. – Feb. 28, 2012 – ASD Inc., a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions, announced today a software license partnership with AusSpec International, an industry-standard spectral analysis solutions provider. The two companies will co-market and sell The Spectral Geologist (TSG) Pro software package for geological exploration data interpretation alongside ASD’s new TerraSpec® 4 line for mineral analysis in the mining industry.

This is a natural partnership in that 80 percent of TSG Pro licenses have been sold to TerraSpec mineral analyzer users over the past several years. The TerraSpec line of mineral analyzers provides the highest quality mineralogical data available in a spectrometer, and allow for fast, precise sample measurement. TerraSpec data is then interpreted and manipulated by the powerful TSG Pro software resulting in actionable information for mining exploration and production organizations. Mineralogical information provided by the combined TSG-TerraSpec solution is widely used to guide exploration programs and map economic deposits.  

The newest TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzers use near-infrared technology to produce cleaner, higher quality spectra for the determination of mineralogical and metallurgical properties than ever before.

Developed by the Commonwealth Scientific Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia, the TSG Pro software interface has been designed specifically for geological applications. The analysis techniques available in TSG Pro focus on the applications of using spectral reflectance data for mineral analysis of outcrops, hand samples, drill cores, chips and pulps. Project data sets can be combined and organized together to easily analyze using methods such as mapping mineral assemblages, applications of spectral parameters for automated logging/mapping, deposit characterization and developing vectors to mineralization.

“The Spectral Geologist Pro software is specifically developed for geologists looking for an easier way to analyze spectral data in the context of their own geological project,” said Dr. Sasha Pontual, Director and Principal Geologist at AusSpec International. “The TerraSpec mineral analyzers offer increased performance in spectral response so we know that using both of these tools together — the TerraSpec spectrometer with TSG Pro software — will give exploration outfits and mining operators the right data they need to optimize exploration activities and mining production processes.”

ASD TerraSpec Hi-Res Mineral Analyzer with The Spectral Geologist Pro for Optimizing Mining Exploration Efforts

Designed to assist users to quickly and accurately identify key minerals in a deposit, The Spectral Geologist Pro software uses the high quality spectra data captured using the TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer to easily sort and analyze mineral data. In addition to the software’s intuitive flow and visual presentation of complex data, it offers:
  • Highly visual interpretation of spectral data, with a variety of visualization options
  • The ability to turn thousands of spectra into mineralogical indices for plotting mineral characteristics (such as composition)
  • Tools to assist with automatic mineral interpretation, such as The Spectral Assistant (TSA) and the Aux Match function
  • The capacity to analyze and visualize the mineralogy of large core-logging data sets
  • The capability to see and plot your results down hole, or as sections, maps and scatterplots
  • Simple export of critical data which can be used in other software programs for further processing
“Within the mining industry, AusSpec International is the most trusted company for geologic mineral analysis. The Spectral Geologist Pro software’s ability to rapidly analyze thousands of measurements, the simplicity of the interface and versatile display options convinced us this was the best complement to our advanced TerraSpec mineral analyzers,” said Dr. Brian Curtiss, CTO of ASD. 
About ASD

Established in 1990 in Boulder, ASD Inc. is the global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions, solving some of the most challenging real-world materials measurement problems. ASD spectrometers — unparalleled in providing laboratory-grade results in the field or on-site — are the instruments of choice for remote sensing, environmental sciences, agricultural and mining industry applications, where results drive paradigm-changing insights, efficiency and profit. ASD’s collaborative culture and world-class customer service put the best, fastest and most accurate spectroscopic instruments to work for industry and science in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.asdi.com.
About AusSpec International

AusSpec International is a key player in the global exploration and mining environment delivering expertise in the processing of geological spectral data from field based, lab based and airborne systems. Since 1992, AusSpec has delivered innovative products and services that have changed the way the mining and exploration industry processes spectral data.

The company has played a vital role in changing the way the mining and exploration industry processes spectral data by the co-development of the TSG Pro software and the creation of innovative products such as the GMEX Spectral libraries, and flexible services targeted at improving the way spectral data are handled by the user.

Putting the user first, AusSpec has delivered these products through training systems that have allowed large corporations worldwide to trust the technology and software and understand the role these kinds of data play in the exploration and mining environment.

For more information about AusSpec, please visit www.ausspec.com.


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