PANalytical Boulder partners with NorthernANI to distribute analytical instrumentation in Canada and Alaska

PANalytical Boulder partners with NorthernANI to distribute analytical instrumentation in Canada and Alaska
October 16, 2013

New reseller partner represents high-performance instruments for mining and industrial applications

BOULDER, Colo. – October 16, 2013 – PANalytical Boulder, formerly ASD Inc., developer of high-performance near-infrared (NIR) analytical instrumentation and material analysis solutions, today announced the addition of NorthernANI Solutions Ltd. to its international network of resellers. NorthernANI Solutions is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with representation across Canada and Alaska.

This new partnership will further PANalytical Boulder’s penetration of NIR instrumentation into Canada’s mining and industrial market, along with Alaska. The NorthernANI leadership has extensive experience in the Canadian analytical market.

NorthernANI is authorized to resell the full PANalytical Boulder instrument line to customers in all provinces and territories throughout Canada. This instrumentation includes the TerraSpec mineral analyzers for mining exploration and production, FieldSpec portable spectroradiometers for remote sensing and hyperspectral image interpretation, LabSpec lab analyzers for material inspection and identification, and the QualitySpec over-the-belt system for on-line and near-line process control.

“PANalytical Boulder’s NIR instrumentation will help our customers obtain critical mineral data faster at exploration targets and drilling sites,” said Scott Curry, president of NorthernANI. “We are a natural partner for PANalytical as we share their commitment to high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions and world-class technical support. We look forward to working closely with PANalytical Boulder, and providing our clients with the latest advanced technologies. We are very proud to distribute the leader in portable NIR systems.”

NorthernANI specializes in introducing new products to the mining and industrial markets, and ensures that their customers will utilize their products safely and effectively through educational workshops. Though the company is new, the team’s combined experience and knowledge of the industry will directly aid in the acceptance of NIR and adoption of PANalytical Boulder’s instruments at mining companies and exploration outfits throughout Canada and Alaska.

“NorthernANI is a vital addition to our reseller network, and we’re excited to be working with their highly experienced team in expanding our share of the Canadian market,” said Michael Lands, PANalytical Boulder vice president of sales and marketing, NIR. “NorthernANI is a knowledgeable company that understands the needs of their customers and what instruments are most beneficial to their research. Their staff is dedicated to being available, and to the best customer experience. They also hold industry- and location-specific expertise that will be invaluable to us.”

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