PANalytical NIR partners TerraSpec® 4 with ALS Limited’s CoreViewer

PANalytical NIR partners TerraSpec® 4 with ALS Limited’s CoreViewer
September 24, 2013

PANalytical’s high-resolution mineral data will integrate with ALS’s geochemical data management system to streamline the collection and interpretation of mineralogical information

BOULDER, Colo. - Sept. 24, 2013 - PANalytical NIR (formerly ASD Inc.) and ALS Mineral Services announced today that ALS’s geochemical data management system CoreViewer™ will incorporate near infrared (NIR) mineralogy data collected from PANalytical’s TerraSpec 4 to provide customers with greater comprehensive visual representation of their data.

Spectral mineralogy has long provided great benefits to mine operators for both mining exploration and production projects as thousands of spectra are often collected for each project. In addition to the spectral mineralogy, a plethora of additional data that is collected by geologists for projects can make the correlation, management and presentation of that data overwhelming and, at times, problematic. The goal of this partnership is to provide seamless information flow from the collection and interpretation of the spectra, through integration with other geologic data and presenting it on the web for collaborative decision making.

The TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer is the industry standard for producing the highest quality spectra and the TerraSpec line of mineral analyzers has been a trusted tool for decades by geologists around the world. Geologists can now submit TerraSpec data along with drill core photos into ALS’ CoreViewer ™ so spectral data can be plotted directly alongside the photograph, along with other relevant geological or geochemical data. This data is then viewable online, so geologists at different locations can view and make collaborative decisions. For customers that want a deeper visual experience, ALS Coreviewer™ can interface directly with ™ software for 3D ore modeling presentation from the major providers Leapfrog®, Micromine and Vulcan™.

“The TerraSpec 4 is the industry-leading mineral analyzer that has enhanced the work of many exploration geologists,” said Chris Sherry, Senior Market Manager at PANalytical. “Coupling our instrument with CoreViewer’s capabilities will allow customers to combine their spectral data with other geological and geochemical data in a powerful visual presentation allowing for organizational collaboration and improved decision making capabilities.”

Specifically, the ALS CoreViewer will use spectral data collected by PANalytical’s TerraSpec 4 combined with existing functionality to:

  • Render core images into single down-hole and depth registered images
  • View core photos with geochemical analyses
  • Allow the interrogation of geochemical anomalies
  • Enable interactive inspections of geotechnical and geological features
  • House long-term on-line photo archival
  • be viewed through the secure, encrypted Webtrieve data system

CoreViewer can also interface directly with 3D ore model software. Users of Leapfrog®, Micromine and Vulcan™ 3D mine planning and geological modeling software can now access core images and geochemistry directly in their 3D geological mode by clicking at any point on a drill hole in the model. This speeds interpretation, aids collaboration and provides rapid validation for geological and engineering decisions in the complex mine planning and design process.

“Easy access to critical base-data that underpins a geologic interpretation provides an essential link in the chain of value creation for a mining company,” mentions Brenda Caughlin, VP of ALS Minerals Division. “We’re excited to add TerraSpec spectral data to our CoreViewer offering as it provides unprecedented power to users involved in this critical stage of operational planning and development.”


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