Spectroscopy Solutions Company ASD Introduces the SummitCAL Solutions Team for Materials Measurement Solutions and Advanced Calibrations

Spectroscopy Solutions Company ASD Introduces the SummitCAL Solutions Team for Materials Measurement Solutions and Advanced Calibrations
December 06, 2010

December 7, 2010 – ASD Inc., the global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials measurement, today announced the creation of the SummitCAL Solutions Team, a professional services group within ASD. SummitCAL converts complex data into actionable solutions for real-world business problems. SummitCAL is focused on creating materials measurement solutions, multivariate modeling, and developing advanced calibrations across a broad range of industrial applications.

The team augments ASD’s experience in applying near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to an array of remote sensing and industrial manufacturing processes by expanding NIR analytical solutions into industrial markets. These include the pulp and paper industry and copper and gold mining.
With a dedicated in-house laboratory, SummitCAL performs feasibility studies for clients who want to know about the applicability, performance — and ultimately the profitability — of new applications. SummitCAL also offers multiple services including model development and updates, and training and consulting, either on-site or at ASD.
“Spectroscopy is quickly evolving. Just handing over an analytical instrument in a box isn’t going to cut it anymore,” says ASD CEO David Rzasa. “SummitCAL brings together the complete solution for clients by drawing out the valuable, actionable information required to make informed business decisions.”
SummitCAL is led by Dan Shiley, an experienced applications chemist. Shiley is supported by team members with extensive experience developing models and NIR spectrometer solutions in use by customers across the globe. By combining the team’s real-world industry experience and ASD’s industry-leading analytical instruments such as the QualitySpec® K-B and LabSpec® lines of instruments, customers can now enjoy full, customized analytical solutions. These solutions can predict product yield, establish better product consistency, or more tightly manage production processes.
ASD’s near-infrared spectroscopic instruments, which dominate the scientific market for remote sensing, earth sciences and environmental applications, are also used in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, mining and pulp and paper markets. From lab to portable devices, ASD analyzers are quickly becoming the instruments of choice for users who require laboratory-grade results and expert technical support.
As an example of how the technology has progressed in the pulp industry, mill operators are now using the QualitySpec K-B, a bench-top instrument, to perform simultaneous Kappa number and brightness measurements in less than four minutes, with minimal preparation time and without chemicals. The SummitCAL team has already developed unique calibration models for multiple mill locations and operations. The instrument, combined with the models, provides a simplified solution for faster testing, increased efficiency and potentially significant savings over time.
In the mining sector, SummitCAL has developed calibration models for clay determination at gold and copper mines using ASD instruments. In both industries, analyses can be performed much faster than from traditional lab operations by bringing the instrument to the material. The rapid and high-throughput information generated by the models may also help to lower costs by reducing the use of expensive chemicals or laboratory assays.
“Businesses looking to harness process efficiencies through technology have found that ASD instruments combined with our multivariate modeling services from SummitCAL can quickly get the information they need to improve their processes and, ultimately, save money,” said Shiley.
Learn more about SummitCAL by visiting www.asdi.com/application-development-group.
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