Chemometrics in action webinar - minerals, mining, crops and soils

September 09, 2015 - September 09, 2015

Hear how organizations in mining, soils and agriculture have utilized ASD's SummitCAL team of experts to take their data to new heights

Join us on Sep. 9, 2015 at 7:30 AM MDT (1:30 PM UTC) for this free 60 minute webinar that will include:

  • an overview of near-infrared (NIR) solutions and instrumentation
  • an introduction to chemometric modeling and the SummitCAL solutions team

Modeling solutions for mining, soils and agriculture applications will be presented, specifically:

  • mining - quantitative prediction of mineralogy and metallurgical parameters
  • soils - soil carbon sequestration and soil characterization
  • agriculture - soy model result and discussion of other applications such as Coors barley collection, switchgrass and hops

Join us for this webinar by clicking the link below.

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