Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) 2010 Conference

October 01, 2010 - October 04, 2010

The Challenge of Finding New Mineral Resources: Global Metallogeny , Innovative Exploration, and New Discoveries

The conference will be organized on the basis of commodities with topic outlines as follows:

  • Revised metallogenic model(s)
  • Premier metallogenic province update
  • Current exploration methodology
  • Recent major and unreported discovery case histories

The Technical Program includes updates on geological models and exploration methodologies for Cu, Ni, Zn, Au, Ag, and U deposits.

As well, metallogenic overviews will be covered of:

  • Central Chile porphyry Cu
  • Thompson Ni
  • Northern Australia and Eurasia Zn
  • Altaid Au
  • Athabasca Basin U provinces

 Case histories of major new discoveries will also be featured:

  • Cu in the Centinela District and at Los Sulfatos (Chile) and Kamoa (DRC)
  • Ni-PGE at Eagle One (Canada) and Nachingwea (Tanzania)
  • Zn at Lalor Lake (Canada) and Toqui (Chile)
  • Au at La Colosa (Colombia) and Pequops (USA)
  • Ag at Pitarilla and El Aguila (Mexico), Navidad (Argentina) and Corani (Peru)
  • U at Wheeler River (Canada) and Rossing South (Namibia)

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