Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

No matter your application, ASD can provide the fiber optic cable you need to best meet your analysis requirements. We offer cables in two types; PVC and ruggedized, with a stainless steel cover.

The PVC cable is often sufficient for many applications, however the ruggedized cable offers benefits for those who are pursuing research in a more challenging environment. Here are a few benefits of each type.

PVC cable:

  • The cable is flexible and easy to manipulate into different positions – however, keep in mind to not overstretch or crush the cable
  • The PVC sheath helps keep the fiber optic cable from getting pinched or crimped, which can crush the fibers inside and cause loss of signal
  • Easy to clean

Ruggedized cable:   

  • An interlocking sheath that will help prevent the cable from stretching when the cable is pulled lengthwise.
  • A Kevlar fiber embedded in the cable, which helps prevent the cable from pulling on the fibers if stretched.  
  • A much stronger bond between the stainless steel tip and the SMA connector and the metal sheath at the instrument connection.

A variety of lengths and bundle sizes, with the connectors specific to the instrument and accessories are available.

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