goLab Mobile Work Station

goLab Mobile Work Station

The ASD goLab™ Mobile Work Station — taking portability to the extreme!

Now, technicians and researchers, armed with a powerful ASD spectrometer system and the goLab Mobile Work Station, are more empowered than ever before to take the lab to the sample location, and easily perform analyses formerly restricted to a laboratory environment.

The goLab Mobile Work Station acts as a wheeled carrier for streamlined transport between locations, and then quickly unfolds to support all your sampling needs “right on the spot”!

Shown: The goLab Mobile Work Station with work platform collapsed for quick and easy transport between locations (LabSpec® instrument and controller laptop attached to work platform also shown, both sold separately).

The goLab Mobile Work Station Features:

  • Large wheels for easy transport
  • Stable, non-slip platform for spectrometer, sampling probe, and computer
  • Convenient and secured compartments for batteries and accessory kit
  • Compatible with all current ASD portable spectrometer systems (excluding HandHeld)
  • Folds down for compact storage and transport
  • Ideal for both inside and outside work
  • Reconfigurable velcro positioning for added flexibility

ASD's goLabâ„¢ Mobile Workstation with the LabSpec® 5000 and Contact Probe, shown in use on a loading dock for incoming material inspection and identification of powders and granules.Shown left: LabSpec® instrument on the ASD goLab Mobile Work Station with High Intensity Contact Probe. This configuration is ideally suited for incoming inspection and material identification of powders and granules, on the receiving dock and warehouse or production floor.

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