Illuminator Reflectance Lamp

Illuminator Reflectance Lamp

The Illuminator reflectance lamp is a light source designed specifically for accurate indoor diffuse reflectance measurements taken with the FieldSpec® line of spectroradiometers. This highly stable light source addresses a wide range of spectral analysis applications requiring artificial illumination without making physical contact with the sample.

The Illuminator provides stable illumination across the full spectral range of the FieldSpec line for dependable diffuse reflectance measurements. Its unique design produces stable output with a smooth spectral curve into the SWIR range and minimizes backscatter and any change of lamp energy output over time. The lamp produces a well-defined beam to maximize the amount of light energy on a sample area while minimizing stray light from surrounding surfaces.

Illuminator Benefits:

  • The 70 watt quartz-tungsten-halogen light source with integrated reflector produces stable illumination over the 350 to 2500 nm range
  • Stable output yields accurate and dependable reflectance measurements
  • Well-defined beam maximizes light energy on sample area
  • Precise voltage regulation for high stability light output
  • Multiple mount options for lab stands or tripods
Fig. 1: ASD Illuminator reflected radiance from the 99% reflectance Spectralon® test panel

Variable lamp height enables a wide range of illumination levels to replicate outdoor solar conditions for vegetation analysis or higher output for more thermally stable samples. This is the perfect lighting accessory for non-contact reflectance measurements in a controlled indoor environment for materials such as vegetation, soil, fragile mineral and fossil specimens, reflective or painted surfaces, and delicate documents.

The lamp assembly is a pre-aligned system complete with an integrated reflector and an optical window for dust-free operation. A soft start feature fades the current on/off to the filament to extend bulb life, which is rated to 1,340 hours and equates to more than 160 full days of steady use. The Illuminator is designed for easy use and lamp replacement. Mounts are incorporated into the design to enable the use of a tripod or light stand.

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