Leaf Clip

Leaf Clip

ASD's Leaf Clip assembly is designed specifically for use with the Plant Probe to simplify the process of collecting spectra on live vegetation. The unique design includes a gentle trigger lock/release gripping system for holding the target sample in place without removing the leaf from its habitat, or inflicting damage.

The Leaf Clip offers the added benefit of a two-sided, rotating head. Each side has an embedded background panel making the Leaf Clip assembly ideal for both reflectance (black panel face) and transmittance (white panel face) measurements.

ASD Plant Probe and Leaf Clip for non-destructive, easy one-handed transmittance and reflectance measurements of live vegetation and other heat sensitive targets.The Leaf Clip also works with ASD’s other Contact Probes, offering one-handed functionality and improved measurements on thin targets, including mosquito netting (used in international efforts to fight malaria epidemics), films, and others.

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