Choosing the Right Spectral Resolution

Choosing the right spectral resolution for a spectroradiometer and spectrometer really comes down to understanding the spectral characteristics of the materials most likely to be studied, as well as the performance characteristics of the different resolutions. With any spectrometer or spectroradiometer, signal performance is affected by spectral resolution.

A spectrometer’s spectral resolution is determined largely by the diameter of the instrument’s entrance slit; the narrower the slit, the higher the resolution. But higher resolution comes at a cost as a narrow slit significantly reduces the amount of signal available to the detectors, and reduced signal increases an instrument’s noise response.

While a high-resolution spectrometer has the capability of resolving narrow spectral features that are typical of geologic and atmospheric research, it requires significantly higher effective signal and may not be a practical solution for some remote sensing applications that often lack optimal solar lighting conditions.

Which Spectrometer is Best for My Application?Which ASD spectrometer is best suited for my application?


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