Mineral Spectra Interpretation Services

Interpreting raw spectral data can be a time consuming and frustrating process, especially if there are large amounts of spectral data to interpret. With the release of the TerraSpec Halo system, ASD can now provide you with TerraSpec Halo mineral interpretations of your spectra, This service saves you valuable time and provides consistent reproducible interpretations.

What to do: Simply send us your spectra collected with an ASD instrument that is in proper wavelength calibration. A Mylar spectrum is helpful too, to increase accuracy of the predictions. (A properly calibrated instrument is critical to accurate mineral results.)

What do I receive: Customers receive the same data that TerraSpec Halo customers receive: a comma delimited CSV file with the mineral results for each spectrum. For each spectrum, the TerraSpec Halo algorithm can predict up to two VNIR minerals and up to five SWIR minerals, if present. Additionally, relevant scalars will be reported if applicable including the AlOH, MgOH, ISM (illite spectral maturity), CSM (chlorite spectral maturity), Kx (Kaolinite crystallinity), AlFeMg, Fe3t (iron mineral type) and Fe3i (iron mineral intensity).

How: Contact your ASD representative for details. Prices are based on a per spectra basis. Volume discounts may apply.

How does the TerraSpec 4 mineral analyzer compare to the TerraSpec Halo? Read this paper, written by Scott Halley for his impressions.

TerraSpec Halo versus TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res

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