Multivariate Models and Calibration Model Updates

With a broad range of expertise, SummitCAL works with our customers to create customized models and instrument calibrations for their unique analytical requirements.

Multivariate Chemometric Models: The SummitCAL team produces advanced multivariate calibration models. A feasibility study is not required prior to modeling, but is recommended. SummitCAL has created numerous models including mineral models for the mining market, barley calibrations for the food market and  Soybean models for agriculture.

Multivariate Model Updates: Model updates ensure continued accurate performance of existing calibration models. These updates are performed based on customer request. Typically, model updates should be considered when there is a change in an industrial process or raw materials used for the process.  Model updates can account for sample differences based on seasonality and variation in the nature of materials that are used in a process.

For more information on calibration model development, download "Considerations for the Creation of Quantitative Models: Quantitative prediction of material properties using reflectance spectroscopy – a multivariate chemometrics-based approach," written by Dan Shiley, Senior Applications Chemist at ASD Inc.

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