Spectral Analysis Processing Program

AusSpec’s goal is to provide users with the necessary skills to process large volumes of spectral data consistently and independently.  The TSG® software is the first step of a Spectral Analysis Processing Program that AusSpec provides so that users can acquire the skills and knowledge to process spectral data at a professional level.  The Program provides companies who have just recently purchased a spectrometer with a level of understanding that allows them to confidently use spectral data for mapping mineral assemblages, automated logging/mapping, deposit characterization and developing vectors to mineralization in their exploration programs.  

The Spectral Analysis Processing Program provides TerraSpec® mineral analyzer users with specific tools to effectively use the spectral data in their exploration and mining programs.  We feel that there are three stages in this process:

  1. An initial uptake stage where we work closely with the customer to provide the basic training and knowledge necessary for success.  This stage is critical for users to build up trust in the technology.   All too often we hear from clients who have unknowingly collected poor data, are processing their data incorrectly and then are not able to get the information they need.
  2. A later development stage where users require more specific training relevant to their particular geological environment.
  3. A calibration-support program to ensure the effective use of the TerraSpec instrument in a client’s exploration program.  

The program focuses on three elements that are important at the initial stages of this uptake of technology:

  1. TerraSpec/TSG Pro Starter Package with Software Training: The TSG software has been designed in such a way that allows users to treat spectra not in isolation, but as a project data set with all other ancillary project data combined and organised together in the TSG file along with the spectral data.  This means that spectral data can easily be analysed in the context of your project geology, and contribute directly to understanding the alteration and mineralisation relationships in the project area.
  2. TerraSpec Development Package with spectral analysis training:  The key element to consistent and verifiable data output is expert training.  The training webinars provide all the necessary skills to handle spectral data for mapping mineral assemblages, automated logging/mapping, deposit characterisation and developing vectors to mineralisation in their exploration programs.    
  3. Calibration-Support Program for sample processing accountability:  Too often we come across spectral data that has been processed and hasn’t been verified.  Once this occurs, these early mistakes are magnified through a project potentially with the resulting mineralogical data base being invalid.  As part of the Spectral Analysis Processing Program, we review the spectral data sets that are being constructed and provide the necessary feedback so that users can confidently continue processing data to an optimal level.   The benefit of this approach is that it allows users to identify and map out key indicator minerals at the project and develop specific strategies to map the alteration in a quick and verified manner.  

For more information about these packages, visit TSG Pro Add-On Packages.

*TSG is marketed and distributed under license by AusSpec International.

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