Soil Analysis for Agriculture and Soils

Precision In-Situ Soils Analysis

Soil AnalysisDiffuse reflectantance spectroscopy has long been a core technology of soil characterization studies. Today, with the growth and availability of soil spectral libraries from around the world and countless labs developing custom quantitative calibration models for the interpretation and application of spectra to soils analysis, rapid and accurate in-situ soils characterization has become a reality. Quantitative models allow calibrations based on as few as 100 selected characterized samples to be applied to the rapid analysis of thousands of samples, in the field or in the lab. Coupling this technology with hyperspectral imagery, ground truthing, and advanced spatial statistical methodologies has resulted in a greatly improved capacity for wide area soil assessments.

Break the Laboratory Dependency

Maximize your resources, save time and money, and realize the strategic value of rapid on-site analysis. Field portable near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy with quantitative calibration models breaks the bottleneck of sample collection for lab-based testing, minimizing lab-related project costs, while providing analysis results to the field survey work-flow.


World Agroforestry Centre Studies

The World Agroforestry Centre, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, has produced a remarkable set of breakthroughs in tools for rapid large area assessment of soil quality and organic resource quality using the FieldSpec Vis/NIR full-range spectrometer (Shepherd & Walsh, 2002). The characteristics of soil spectra are controlled by mineral composition, organic matter, water (hydration, hygroscopic, and free pore water), iron form and amount, salinity, and particle size distribution. These attributes of soil basically determine their capacity to perform production and environmental functions. Calibration techniques, based on new pattern recognition algorithms, have been developed so that multiple soil attributes can be assessed from this single measurement (Shepherd & Walsh, 2002). Soil functional attributes such as aggregate stability, soil infiltration rate, and soil respiration rate can also be related to soil reflectance in a number of studies.

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