Atmospheric Remote Sensing Research and Spectral Irradiance Studies

Many climate and surface energy balance studies involve monitoring the direct, diffuse and total components of solar spectral irradiance as they relate to the earth’s atmosphere and surface. In addition these irradiance measurements, ecosystem modeling studies often require the measurement of photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), as well as canopy reflectance and radiance.

In order to improve these climate and ecosystem models, it is essential to measure the variation of these properties across, and within, a wide variety of ecological sites. In some cases these studies correlate these optical measurements with physical surface properties such as temperature, gas exchange, and, in the case of agricultural studies crop output.

Portable visible and near infrared spectroscopic technology is useful across a broad base of applications in atmospheric research. Spectroscopy is used for ground truth and airborne measurements, and calibration to satellite sensors both pre-flight and post-launch through vicarious field calibrations.

ASD’s ultra-portable FieldSpec® systems allow you to collect the measurements you need easily and quickly. ASD also offers accessories for all of your needs, including solar tracking stages and cosine receptors for direct irradiance measurements.

Select any of the links below to see work by other researchers using ASD instruments for atmospheric modeling and research.

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Additional atmospheric remote sensing research and spectral irradiance studies are also available under the Application Notes tab at the top of this page.

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG Spectroradiometer

Enhanced spectral resolution to support accurate analysis of the next generation of hyperspectral sensors

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

High-resolution spectral data from a ruggedized field-portable spectroradiometer

FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer

The go-to standard for trusted portable field spectroscopy

FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer

The high performance, cost effective spectroradiometer solution

HandHeld 2 Pro: VNIR Hand-held Spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec HandHeld 2 Pro offers greater sensitivity over our standard HandHeld 2 model

HandHeld 2: Hand-held VNIR Spectroradiometer

The low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (VNIR) alternative to the full-range FieldSpec 4 product line

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