Field Spectroscopy and Field Spectroradiometry Research

Everyday, researchers are exploring new and exciting applications for general field spectroscopy and remote sensing analysis. ASD is well known for its technical expertise, as well as its innovative approach to leading advancements in practical, portable instrumentation solutions for these new applications. The FieldSpec® spectroradiometer systems are ideal for rapid collection of field spectra in just about any environment. Used by thousands of scientists internationally, FieldSpec instruments have been integral to important advances in areas such as:

  • Agricultural analysis
  • Aerial surveys
  • Airborne optical remote sensing
  • Atmospheric change full range measurements
  • Background vs. target spectral analysis
  • Crop management
  • Drought conditions assessment
  • Environmental change
  • Foliar analysis with BDRF goniometers
  • Glacial change
  • Hyperspectral satellite calibration
  • Illumination/source analysis
  • Individual plant analysis
  • Full canopy analysis
  • Invasive weed identification
  • Large area assessment mapping via airborne remote sensing
  • Mineral analysis – field and lab
  • Plant species differentiation
  • Rangeland analysis: forage analysis, grazing damage, and drought
  • Satellite imagery data analysis
  • Sea and lake bed analysis
  • Snow pack, snow cover, snow density and snow layering analysis
  • Species identification for plants, including trees
  • Soils analysis - field and lab
  • Solar full spectrum irradiance measurements
  • Solar array research and solar panel development
  • Surveying of vegetation communities
  • Target recognition
  • Tree kill – Western Beetle, Emerald Ash Bore (EAB) Worm and other tree diseases
  • Unique spectral signature identification
  • Urban development and cover analysis
  • Vis NIR spectral radiometry applications
  • Water body analysis
  • Water column analysis

Some examples of researchers doing general field spectroscopy applications work are below.

Field Spectrometers and Field Spectroscopy

NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility

Measurements for the 1999 Cruise of the NOAA R/V Ronald Brown

USGS Denver Spectroscopy Lab Facilities — Laboratory Spectrometers (UV to NIR)

Additional field spectroscopy and field spectroradiometry research applications are also available under the Application Notes tab at the top of this page.

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

High-resolution spectral data from a ruggedized field-portable spectroradiometer

FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer

The go-to standard for trusted portable field spectroscopy

FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer

The high performance, cost effective spectroradiometer solution

HandHeld 2 Pro: VNIR Hand-held Spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec HandHeld 2 Pro offers greater sensitivity over our standard HandHeld 2 model

HandHeld 2: Hand-held VNIR Spectroradiometer

The low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (VNIR) alternative to the full-range FieldSpec 4 product line

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