Natural Products and Dietary Supplements

Echinacea flowersFood and Drug Administration (FDA) cGMP standards require inspection of nutraceutical product ingredients and dietary supplement ingredients to ensure that the correct materials are used and to standardize ingredients to ensure product consistency. These measures call for 100% lot testing of raw materials and final product. NIR analysis is used widely throughout the pharmaceutical industry and is recognized for material testing and identification by the FDA and United States Pharmacopeia (USP)


LabSpec® 5000 in the goLab™ Mobile Workstation is ideally suited for truly portable and non-destructive raw material inspection where and when it's needed.ASD’s portable and bench top measurement solutions offer cost-effective means for not only quality control throughout the manufacturing process, but also at-line analysis, inspection of incoming raw materials. ASD analyzers and software meet compliance requirements set under 21 CFR Part 11, and guidelines for USP 1119, by providing a technology platform for validatable, qualitative and quantitative test procedures.

Cost Saving Solution

  • Easily verify incoming materials, even through clear glass and clear plastic bags and bottles
  • Quickly identify inferior or counterfeit ingredients before they enter your production process
  • Monitor in-process and finished product to ensure quality and consistency
  • Minimize the risk of out-of-spec product

ginko baloba leaf and nutritional supplements

ASD offers Nutraceutical Analysis Packages with a wide array of probes enabling streamlined testing of powders, leaves, roots, pellets, solids, liquids, and other raw materials quickly — at the dock, on the manufacturing floor, or wherever it is needed. With ASD systems, you gain the power to confidently and rapidly test your product and raw materials, non-destructively, and without the sample prep, delay, and expense associated with traditional laboratory methods.

Comprehensive analysis — simultaneously analyze multiple constituents, store data, and easily retrieve calibrations associated with each application. Seamlessly interface with Grams™ IQ chemometrics software for applications requiring qualification and quantification.

Our visible region spectral coverage allows you to utilize color analysis not covered by many other NIR systems.

Fast System Set-Up

Get your facility operational quickly and cost effectively with ASD:

  • Large starter library available and easily expanded with components tailored to your product line
  • Installation assistance and program training tailored specifically for nutraceutical analysis

Contact us to learn more about ASD’s solutions for nutraceutical analysis.

LabSpec 4 Bench Benchtop Analyzer

The cost-effective solution when precision benchtop analysis is essential

LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

High resolution spectral data for sharp feature recognition

LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

Engineered to meet the rigorous technical demands of the analytical instrumentation industry

QualitySpec Trek Portable Spectrometer

A truly portable, full-range contact spectrometer that is fast, accurate and easy to use.

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

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