Explosives Analysis and Identification

Quality control of explosive materials and propellants, whether in pursuit of science, field identification, or manufacturing, requires precise measurement and characterization of chemical components. The ability to verify ingredients through explosives analysis can potentially be the difference between life and death. Testing the materials using conventional wet chemistry methods is time consuming and costly, and creates chemical waste. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a proven and cost-effective explosives analysis tool offering a practical alternative to time-consuming and costly laboratory analysis.

NIR is a safe, reliable, convenient, and environmentally friendly technology for rapid on-site, in situ identification and physical characterization of chemicals, solid explosives, and propellants. Constituents such as oxidizers, fuel, plasticizers, catalysts, solvents, binders, and modifiers all have near-infrared spectral signatures (direct measurements of the reflectance or absorption of light) that allow for their quantification. This makes NIR the ideal tool for explosives research, monitoring the process of blending and curing during manufacture, as well as quality control analysis of the finished product.

  • Rapid, real-time results
  • Ability to measure multiple constituents simultaneously
  • Research grade analysis
  • No sample preparation
  • In-situ and non-destructive sampling

In addition to composition, NIR allows for the prediction of properties such as burn rate and stability to your explosives analysis. Since it is possible to perform NIR analysis non-destructively on finished cast components, 100% quality control is possible.

ASD offers measurement solutions that work in just about any environment, helping you to more easily meet regulatory standards and achieve production goals. ASD’s Vis/NIR instrumentation provides wavelengths of 350-2500 nm, including part of the visible region, for more robust data collection. ASD systems are portable and/or adaptable to your production facilities and operation, thereby providing the ability to test more frequently or at additional production points. More testing equates to better data and greater product knowledge, providing for tighter process control, reduced risk of out-of-spec product, and an improved bottom line.

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