Optics and Photonics Applications Using Vis/NIR/SWIR Spectroradiometers

In optics and photonics applications, determine light source characteristics through radiant energy measurements with ASD’s rapid, precise spectroradiometers. Our highly sensitive, mobile Vis/NIR/SWIR instruments measure laser power, characterize solar simulators, spectral lamp flux, and critical measurements of laser diodes and LEDs such as optical power, color, and goniometric measurements. R&D, production and quality assurance teams benefit from flexible measurement integration, superior sensitivity and rapid data collection.

FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer

The go-to standard for trusted portable field spectroscopy

FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res Field Spectroradiometer

The high performance, cost effective spectroradiometer solution

HandHeld 2 Pro: VNIR Hand-held Spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec HandHeld 2 Pro offers greater sensitivity over our standard HandHeld 2 model

HandHeld 2: Hand-held VNIR Spectroradiometer

The low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (VNIR) alternative to the full-range FieldSpec 4 product line

Spectroradiometry and Radiometric Calibration

Spectroradiometry and Radiometric Calibration

Light Energy Measurement

Light Energy Measurement

Optical Radiation Measurement

Optical Radiation Measurement

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