Goetz Instrument Program Recipients 2007

ASD Inc. is proud to announce the recipients of the 2007 Alexander Goetz Instrument Support Program Award. These researchers are a great representation of a diverse cross section of disciplines utilizing reflectance spectroscopy in the field.

Ashish Mishra, Dr. Reza Ehsani, Dr. Won Suk Lee, Dr. Jonathan Jordan
Citrus Research and Education Center
University of Florida
Lake Alfred, Florida
Title: Early detection of citrus greening (HLB) disease using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy

Susan Buckingham, Dr. Jason Neff
Dept. of Geological Sciences
University of Colorado,
Boulder, Colorado
Title: Spectral reflectance of physical soil crusts

Abdel Osman, Shiv Prasher, Robert Bonnell
Dept. of Bioresource Engineering
McGill University
Quebec, Canada
Title: Developing of a mobile multi-sensor platform for on-the-go remote sensing applications

Antoine Cottin
Dept. of Water, Earth and Environment
Institut National pour la Recherche Scientifique
Quebec, Canada
Title: Adapting the new Optech's bathymetric lidar, the SHOALS-3000, to coastal sediment classification and mapping using the lidar's reflectance data and ground truth measurements

Matthew Hoffman, Dr. Andrew Fountain, Hassan Basagic
Department of Geology
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon
Title: Spectral detection of melting glacier surfaces

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